Tuesday, August 23, 2011

no braces!

so a few interesting events have taken place in the last couple of days...
first off,

 i FINALLY got my braces off and can i just say that it is such a great feeling!! they are sooo soft!!! at first i loathed them with a passion but now that they are half gone, i really do appreciate them.
here are some pictures!

After!! :

 nice huh?

Then it was my birthday, and we went to Portland and shopped around and went to cafe yummm! it is SO good, and the guy there gave me free food! he didn't even know it was my birthday! 

and THEN i left for college, kinda bitter sweet but i am really truely excited, just sad to leave all my friends and family. college is going to be SUPER fun though and i cant wait to be there.


Goodbye Polly! :( 

 and Traci.. :(

this is what 13 hours in the car looks like,,,

I got to see Taneal!!! i love her!!! :)))

have a good one guys! ill post more soon! :)

And just cause its funny!:

Here is one of Mc!

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  1. Guess what! You can come up to Idaho for the baby's birth! That would be great! If you are still in school during March. You could ride up with my sister-in-law Anna. She is at Provo too!