Monday, March 19, 2012

7 months already?!

Okay, I suck. I know that. It has been seven whole months since I last posted.. I have seriously said nothing about my college life whatsoever. For that I apologize.

I am currently well into my second semester of my freshmen year at BYU. I ABSOLUTELY love it here! When I got my acceptance letter to both BYU & BYU-I I was really having a hard time deciding which one I should go to. After much praying, I decided BYU was the right place for me. There has to be a reason why I got accepted, my high school GPA or SAT/ACT scores weren't extremely phenomenal and I got in anyway, I know that the Lord played a huge part in my acceptance and if He wants me to be here then here is where I am going to be.

BYU is an amazing and spiritual place. I don't have to worry about living my life the way that I want to. That is something that I have always wanted, I can be my own person! There are so many kind people that I have met and I know I will have as friends for a very long time:)

here is just a recap of a few of the fun things I have done since beginning my adventure:

 This was one of the first things I did!! go to a football game with my friends! 
One one on the left is Aley and the one on the right is my roommate Alexandra

This is a different day but still a football game. Each time we went to a game we would all go to the front row, it didn't really matter where our tickets were, we would just make friends with the people around us. Do you see those two guys with pom poms in the air? well, Aley and Alexandra ended up going on dates with them,,, I'd say it was pretty successful!

This was Halloween! both of their names are Alexandra so they went as thing 1 & 2 and I was Willy Wonka. yeah, were awesome.. I know:)

This was a thing called "True Blue Football." Basically you go slip and sliding down a hill with blue foam pumping down it. My shirt was previously white...

This is something that i LOVE doing. we were bored and so we played dress up! painted our faces and got in crazy outfits and took a million pictures. Then we went to Wendy's and got frosties.. only, we couldn't buy them because we didn't have a car and the inside was closed already so we had a random car of guys order them for us... haha can I say one of the most awkward moments EVER!?!

This was a '90s dance that i went to with my friend Mackynzie. we don't actually dress like this every day.

We had a ward talent show where we met everyone in our ward and this is Zach & Tyler (& Alexandra of course)

I do this when I am bored...all the time

hahah Macky got asked on a date and naturally we all decided to go with her so we went to a tumbling gym and jumped on trampolines:) From left to right; Me, Mackynzie, Paige, and Taylor (TayBayWms)

We went to Emily's house for a dessert party!

 I did a Mud Run with my friend Allie. I LOVE HER so much.

haha this is a nerd dance that I went to a long time ago.. this is Mark. ummm before I tell you how we met, just please know that sometimes I speak before I think... okay, so i was in the Cannon Center and I saw Mark and it was the same day as the nerd dance and he was wearing nerdy clothes so I said, "Oh! are you going to the nerd dance??" and he was like, "Yeah.." then I said something along the lines of, "Well I like your costume.." only he wasn't wearing his costume yet and that was just his actual clothing... so I felt like an idiot.. i guess it is a good thing that we are really good friends now :) haha

This is just a normal day for our crew... once, we smashed 12 people in this car... it seats 5.. lets just say we are awesome! i love these people. From Left to right; Ashley-Brooke, Becca, Taylor, Me, Zach, and Ryan.

This is when we went ice skating. nothing to exciting, i just love them all. except that guy on the far right, i have no idea who he is, he just bombed our picture.

We went to Abercrombie. This is Kate and Haley. I love them too!!! there was a really hot guy working there and i am a huge boob so i didn't talk to him!! but he did take this picture.. afterwards we decided he was gay.. i hate when that happens:(

Over the President's Day weekend our crew decided to go to two cabins up Weber Canyon. It was seriously one of the most memorable experiences I will ever have. Lets just say the church is true!! 
I LOVE these girls with all of my heart!
From left to right,  Jenessa, me, Ashley-Brooke, Becca, and Lauren

This was our cabin crew, we are all such great friends now! I love them all so much! We are like family:)

I photo bombed this picture:) pretty proud of myself:)

this is Richard, he got stuck in a tunnel they made. ahaha I don't know, this is just funny

We went disco skating, some of us dressed up and some didn't... Josh is such a stud:)

We went to a paint dance, this may look like it was fun but actually it was quite painful, i got stepped on a million times and my feet were bruised for a week. but it was fun too

i fell asleep on my desk for like an hour... college is exhausting...

we got to shoot the cannon at the last football game!!! it was really fun! even though Kate punched me in the face when she pulled the string.... haha

these girls are my future roommates and i am so excited for next year when we will party all the time. they are seriously some of my best friends here

I promise I will be better at posting on my blog:)

I love you all!!!! 



  2. Looks like your having some amazing times. So happy for you and can't believe your almost done with your first year. Mary should read your page because she is starting to focus on future colleges and BYU is it for her. Take care and I'm looking forward to seeing all your cute entries next year.
    Sister Hemminger

  3. looks like you're having a blast!! freshman year is sooo fun- so live it up all you can! college flies by faster than you think! BYU is such a great school too-- i have LOTS of friends that go there :)

    andrea brionne