Sunday, August 14, 2011


so a couple of days ago was my two year anniversary of living here in Washington. i cant believe it has been two years already... it has go by so fast!

im so grateful for the experiences i have had and the new friends i have made while i was here. thank you for everyone that has played a role in my life because i am just a little piece of all of you. now here are som important people:

I cant forget about DICKENS!

also in case you were wondering.....
3 days until my braces come off
5 days until my birthday,,,(i need to finish the BOM)
8 days until i am off to college!


  1. Saige, I am visiting Vancouver right now! We need to hang out before we both leave!

  2. PS- why am I not one of the important people in the pictures above? Hmmm?