Thursday, August 11, 2011

New adventures!!

You know what? I have lived in the Northwest for most of my life and I have NEVER been to Mt. St. Helens!?! doesn't that just make you sad? I mean how could I do that??

well the wait is over i guess you could say! we decided to take a little trip to said mountain and see the history of the explosion...
did you know that rocks from the eruption were thrusted 600 MPH out to the surrounding areas? they are still there!  Or that some trees that were hundreds of years old were snapped in half like toothpicks? yeah well i just think that is asinine!!! ( thats my word of the moment..haha)

This is an example! (not my picture)

I think this needs to be a postcard or something! 

Needless to say it was a ball! haha

and... in case anyone was wondering.... :

6 days untill my braces come off
8 days until my birthday
10 days until I leave for BYU!!!

have a great day everyone!!

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