Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I hateee textbooks!

So I leave in less then two weeks which is leaving me a little frightened... i had to get some of my text books online and i finally bought them last night.. can i just ask you why they are so expensive?!?! like, my french textbook alone is 217 dollas!! thats so crazy!!!

also, i went to the fair with Polly and her famdamily and this is what we did:
I met Justin Bieber

so did Polly...

And the Obamas.. hah

We held a baby goat,

and played with a baby wallaby, it is SO cute

so did Nelson and Ginnie

and last but not least, we walked on water!!!!
Here is a video:
it was hard! hahah

Well i leave in LESS THEN 2 WEEKS!!! ahhh im excited! 

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